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Myra Mural II
The painting of Myra Underpass Mural II is has been completed by students from Thomas Starr King Middle School, who designed the mural, The mural design was chosen from two student designs in an online poll by the FHRA and a separate poll of King's students, faculty and parents this past summer.

Teachers at King Middle School report that they had "students draw, paint, and take pictures of definitive 'things' about the neighborhood. The resulting imagery was pieced together into two designs. The designs were then simplified into simple shapes and color schemes that we think the students will easily be able to realize with paint on a large scale. The designs are playful and naive, yet show an honest insight into what these students feel makes their neighborhood tick."
Myra Mural I
In summer 2005, with your support, artist Louie Metz and his team finished the first of four murals envisioned to grace the Sunset Blvd. underpass along Myra Ave. between Fountain and Santa Monica.

We hope for your continued financial support for the mural project. Donations to Franklin Hills Residents Association are tax deductible...our address is: PO Box 29122, Los Angeles, CA 90029.
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