Missing From:
Convenient Places 90027

Date Missing:
Winter/Spring 2009

151 (first street boxes 1858)


Height: Weight:
   4'       Heavy


What do you do when an old helpful neighbor suddenly disappears. Franklin Hills residents started asking around when they saw an empty spot at Franklin and Radio Walk where the blue Post Office collection box used to live. It was about 11am on February 17, 2009, when that box was unbolted and hoisted into a truck with about a dozen of its close relatives.
When his old blue friend went missing Franklin Ave. resident Mark Stevens discovered that nationally to cut costs the USPS has been removing under utilized boxes, ones that collect fewer than 25 letters. He looked around for other boxes and soon they were gone too,
Seeking answers, the musician turned postal detective, spoke to our City Councilmember Tom LaBonge who said he'd received lots of complaints and suggested contacting our Congresswoman Diane Watson. That turned into a dead end  Stevens contacted postal headquarters for our area and asked, "Where is there a mailbox in 90027?" The answer was "we can't tell you where there are any."

While we all recall that it was Ben Franklin who founded the US Post Office, his wisdom does not appear to have passed down to 90027. On May 11, 2009 the day postage rates went up two cents, our local post office ran out of one and two cent stamps and by 3:30pm had nearly run out of clerks with just one behind the counter to help the 30+ people in line. Maybe it's bad management and not just what LA Postmaster Mark Anderson calls "electronic diversion" that's putting the PO in financial trouble.

 An informal survey by the FHRA found just six remaining boxes in all of 90027, other than those at the Post Office. Please let us know if you find any others. Perhaps we could save them by getting them declared historic monuments like the Shakespeare Bridge and Griffith Park.

The Last Mailboxes
Standing in 90027

Hillhurst Ave. at Los Feliz Blvd.
Northeast corner
Los Feliz at Vermont
Southeast corner
Post Office 1825 N. Vermont Ave.
just south of Franklin
Hollywood Blvd. at Normandie

Northeast Corner
Virgil Ave. at Sunset Blvd.
Southwest Corner
Sunset at Edgemont
Southeast corner
Vermont Ave. at Fountain Ave.

Southwest Corner
If you find more let us know

WARNING: Some people suggest putting outgoing mail in your home mail slot for the carrier to pick-up. That's a very bad idea as the FHRA has had multiple reports of mail theft in our area in the past few months.