Fatal Accident at Lyric & Hyperion

About 11:40am on Tuesday, June 24th, the overturned postal delivery truck was coming down the hill on Lyric, making a left onto Hyperion and was hit by the car at the far right of the upper photo. Maria F. Gutierrez, 30, who'd been a letter carrier for 2 years, was thrown from the truck which landed on top of her. She died at the scene.
Ms. Gutierrez delivered to route #3, which other USPS carriers have said is the "worst route" in 90027. It has been reported to the FHRA that completing the route on time is almost impossible due to winding streets and heavy mail volume, often requiring carriers skip lunch to complete in the mandated eight hours. 
Police say witnesses saw the postal vehicle coming down Lyric at a high rate of speed and go through the red light. She was not wearing her seatbelt. The other driver was treated for non-life threatening injuries.
Our condolences go out to Ms. Gutierrez's family, friends and co-workers.

The FHRA has received messages of concern over the death. One St. George Street resident wrote: "We LOVED Maria when she was our carrier. What can we as individuals do?" Rick Perez manager of the 90027 station says that messages for the family can be sent to: Postmaster 90027, c/o Maria Gutierrez LA, CA 90027 and they will be forwarded to the family. It's not even necessary to attach postage, he said. If you wish to send money to Maria's family, checks should be made to her mother Maria Sosa. The FHRA will forward any messages we receive. Perez went on to say that he and his staff have been heartened by the response from many in the neighborhood. "It's really good to hear from the community it goes to show the make up of the community."

We have also received messages dealing with the difficulty of Ms. Gutierrez route#03 which includes the eastern portion of the Franklin Hills. A Claremont Ave. resident wrote, "I spoke with the carrier who had filled in to complete the route. He said (and many other mail carriers have said this before -- I've been hearing it for years) that Route 3 is the "worst route" in 90027. .Postal carriers are expected to complete it in eight hours, but because of the volume of mail, winding streets, etc. it is almost impossible. They often don't take a lunch break, and are chastised for not completing it in time."  Perez did confirm that the route "is difficult" because of the terrain, altho he said mail volume overall has dropped by 35% in recent years.

And we've heard about the long standing problems with speeding traffic on Hyperion. One resident wrote: "I will never forget awakening to the screams of the woman who saw her sister killed in the passenger seat after a traffic accident in almost the same place as the mail carrier.  The debris from traffic accidents on Hyperion is a weekly occurrence."
Another wrote: "There are ongoing accidents along Hyperion nearly daily.  Usually all of them are major accidents because of the many blind curves in the road and the speed of the drivers.  In the past year I recall 3 deaths, two telephone pole replacements, three bus stop benches/shelters destroyed, and two building structures being hit, all due to high speed accidents along Hyperion."