The Battle Against Graffiti  
The City's 3-1-1 Number is a good place to start with Graffiti Reports they try to have it removed in 1-3 days
You can also file for Graffiti Removal online:

The FHRA asks that you take care of any graffiti that appears on your property. If you are a tenant, please alert your landlord or property manager as soon as possible when you find graffiti vandalism on your property. Assistance and supplies are available for those who need help.



Call to report ALL incidents of vandalism on your property. Graffiti vandalism (regardless of its size) is a crime and reports of such crimes in our neighborhood are noted by the LAPD. Frequent reports will get more police attention to our neighborhood.
Non-Emergency Police Dispatch  877-ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273)
LAPD Northeast Division Front Desk   213-485-2563
Officer Molly Beall -
Officer Beall is the Northeast Division Graffiti Task Force Coordinator provides vital support to  Graffiti Abatement programs  She will speak to non-cooperative landlords or business owners who do not take care of their graffiti or bulky trash items. E-mail Officer Beall with any concerns.
$1000 City of LA Reward Info & Application

The City of Los Angeles offers a reward for information resulting in the identification, apprehension and conviction or final adjudication of persons committing the act of graffiti vandalism or illegal dumping. You must have been involved in the conviction or final adjudication in order to qualify for this reward. The total sum of $1,000 will be paid in total to those person(s) identified as having submitted information relative to identifying, in whole or in part, those responsible for the act of graffiti or illegal dumping.

All information requested on the application must be obtained by you. The City cannot insert this information for you once you have submitted your application. You may contact the arresting officer for assistance on how to obtain this information.  In addition, the City is not liable for any personal injury or suffering as a result of apprehension of a person committing graffiti.

Upon completion of the application mail it to:

Los Angeles Police Department, Juvenile Division
Attention: Graffiti/Illegal Dumping Reward
150 North Los Angeles Street, Room 129
Los Angeles , CA 90012

Local School Contacts
Call immediately if you witness an incident of vandalism that appears to be done by a student on his or her way to school. Campus Police have agreed to take calls of students vandalizing our neighborhood and will take appropriate action if vandals are caught.

John Marshall High School, Officer Gonzalez  323-660-1440 x241 (7am-3pm)
If voice mail, press "0" and ask for Maggie at ext 202 or Nancy or Charlotte
to page Officer Gonzalez. Try to speak with him directly...a message may be too late.

Thomas Starr King Middle School, Officer Rivers  323-644-6740 (7:30am-3pm)
If voice mail, press call 323-644-6700 and ask for Admissions.  Ask to have Officer Rivers paged by radio and speak with him directly...a message may be too late.
Prospect Studios -- ABC TV Center

Report any incidents of vandalism seen along the perimeter of the studios (Prospect & Talmadge) ABC Security also tries to keep a watchful eye on its neighboring streets.
Jim Robertson, Security Manager  323-671-4004 (Mon-Fri)
Security Dispatch  323-671-4554, 4555 (24/7)
Security Shift Leader  323-671-3117 (M-F 24/5)
Free City Cleanup Services
For graffiti on City property such as light poles, sidewalks, street signs, etc.
Hollywood Beautification Team (HBT)  323-463-5180
Contractor for Operation Clean Sweep takes calls for removal of graffiti on City property or on residential property with express permission
Bulky Item Pickup  800-773-CITY  (800-773-2489)
Inform your neighbors that all they have to do to get rid of old sofas, appliances, etc. is to call
 to arrange FREE pickup of bulky trash items placed at the curb on their regular trash pickup day.
You may also call Officer Colenzo for assistance if necessary.

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Be sure to come to the FHRA annual meeting and pick up your free bottle of graffiti remover. We will also give a live demonstration on how to use the product to remove graffiti from your property and around our neighborhood. This product works great to remove spray paint, ink pen and many other graffiti elements from both hard and porous surfaces. FHRA will be handing out 16oz bottles of graffiti remover to help residents remove graffiti that you might see and want to eliminate.

Thanks to our many community activists against graffiti, we have a good record of keeping our community relatively clear of graffiti blight. It is important to remove graffiti as soon as you see it. Leaving graffiti up invites other taggers to make their mark and increases the frequency of this eye-sore.

Common places for smaller tags are on garbage cans, bus benches, and street signs. The product we will be handing out at the FHRA annual meeting cleans graffiti off all these objects. If you are able help, we are ready to support you.

Providing materials to our residents is one of the many ways FHRA helps you to maintain the wonderful neighborhoods we all enjoy in Franklin Hills. If you need more help with graffiti problems in your area, or want a refill of the graffiti remover, please contact us at

In January 2011, in the midst of a rise in graffiti in our area,
the FHRA sent a letter to Councilmember Tom LaBonge
requesting that he oppose a proposal to cut graffiti removal funding by 50%.


Click for Details of $1000 Reward for Information
Leading to Conviction of Taggers

Graffiti related contact numbers

July 23, 2009 a resident in the 2400 block of Lyric reported:
"Our new fence was spray painted, quite a large amount! by two juveniles who were seen by my neighbor down the hill."
The neighbor provided the photos in the composite above and this description from their surveillance camera:
"The two taggers trespassed on our property and the property adjacent to us in order to tag the neighbor's fence. The taggers climbed up our wall and walked into our front yard then crossed over to the adjacent neighbor in order to tag the fence of the neighbors who live on Lyric. When the taggers were done, they left behind a couple of spray paint cans then walked down the hillside and onto our property and exited out our front gate. We saw the taggers climbing our wall and then exiting from our front gate on our surveillance camera. This happened at about 11:30pm. We reported this incident to the police and gave them a copy of the surveillance tape, pictures of the graffiti and the spray paint cans. We felt very violated and uncomfortable by this incident because they trespassed on our property, and from the surveillance cameras we could see that the taggers observed the street for 15-20 minutes before they climbed our wall. It seemed like they had planned this ahead of time."

The area around Hollyvista, DeLoz and Prospect Walk was hit after 9:30pm on November 28, 2007.
A resident reported that, "An eyewitness spotted a tagger this morning 11/29/2007  attempting to retrieve a bag of paint cans from a bush nearby the scene of last night's tag in an apparent effort to contribute to the mess.The tagger fled down Prospect Walk when spotted by early morning joggers."


Graffiti like this was spotted in early November 2007 along Prospect and on Myra.
It is believed to have been painted by the Echo Park Tagging Gang. LAPD Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki warns: "Please avoid confrontation with these individuals if seen. Rather, call it in. If anyone spots additional graffiti of the same type look for gang names like puppet, smiley for example. Also look for what's called a cross out, anything that looks like the above but has something x`ed over. Any photos of this will be helpful in predicting what this gang is up to and may lead to their identification. Use caution with tagger or gang members as many times they carry some type of weapon or have a second person watching their back.

The photo above was supplied by one of our graffiti fighters who also suggests that when you paint out graffiti it helps to use paint that matches the background...don't cover gray with black etc.


The Franklin Hills is now officially in a "Graffiti Free Zone" according to Councilmember Tom LaBonge. It seems the increase in area graffiti in 2007 is another example of the law of unintended consequences. When John Marshall High upgraded its video surveillance there was a tremendous drop in graffiti…on campus. Alas, the graffiti was "pushed into the surrounding neighborhoods" according to Marshall's new Principal, Daniel Harrison.

The Graffiti Free Zone is designed to bring more graffiti abatement resources to our area. The Hollywood Beautification Team will be working to remove what's here and making more frequent inspections to remove what's new. They have special tools such as water and sand blasting, and more colors of matching paint, than the LAPD's Northeast Division which will be increasing its patrols, especially in pre and after school hours at locations where tagging teens have been tarnishing our turf.

There are two things that you can do to help the effort. If you see graffiti, e-mail a photo of it to LaBonge's Transportation Deputy, this will help ID the taggers. Marshall High has a database which often can match to tags to the taggers. You can also contact Shapiro if you want to be a graffiti block captain and get paint and other tools to hit the delete key on tagging in your area.

Teen Tagging Tragedy
We've all seen too much graffiti, and most of the time it's just annoying, but sometimes it's amazing and one wonders how it got painted high on a freeway sign or bridge. LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Gina Chovan, reports the how, and the horror one tagger suffered on the afternoon of February 6, 2007.

About 4pm LAPD got calls reporting a teenage girl apparently about to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge where Fletcher Dr. and the 2 Freeway cross the LA River. When officers arrived they found a badly injured 16 year old who had landed on the rocks missing the water's edge by about ten feet.

Her legs were shattered, with protruding bones described as looking like the jagged shards of "cracked chicken bones." Her hands, also torn to pieces, but covered with paint, told not the story of a suicide, but a graffitist who lost her grip as she tried to hang onto the bridge with one hand while painting with the other.

Nearby police found two "homeboys," their faces described as "ash white," who apparently had witnessed the fall. Hopefully they will carry the message, not in paint, but of pain to others inclined to tag their way to tragedy.

Citizen Call Catches Halloween Tagger

Halloween evening, about 9:30 PM, an alert community member observed a tagger spray painting on numerous garages in the alley that parallels St. George St. just off Rowena. A radio call was generated and the tagger was followed as he continued to tag along Rowena heading toward Ivanhoe Elementary School. Officers responded and captured the 15 year old male subject whose hands were covered with paint. The officers photographed 16 locations that had been tagged. He admitted to each one.

He was cited and will soon be working off his community service hours with Officer Colenzo painting out graffiti. This subject appears to have been working the Marshall High School area for quite some time. He is now retired. Our continued thanks to community members that share in our frustration with this type of criminal activity and go the extra step by making that call.
Just thought Id let everyone know about this one,
SLO Al Polehonki

In the last week of October 2005 residents in the Franklin Hills reported twice spotting a group of up to four 16-20 year old male Latino taggers. On the second spotting they gave LAPD a car description: "an old, black VW beetle, license number 2VAZ115."  LAPD had received other reports of a similar vehicle spotted near tagging activity, now they have the license.

The Shakespeare Bridge, still dressed up in its holiday wreaths, was attacked by graffiti bandits in the first week of 2004.

All four corners of the bridge were tagged. Even though green paint was used it didn't seem to fit in with the holiday spirit. On the northwest turret it almost looked like some kid was trying to spell out "Shakespeare" and got stuck after the first few letters.

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Thanks to all who participated in the graffiti paintout
 and stairway cleanup on Saturday, August 9, 2003