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On August 23, 2003 nearly 300 e-mails were sent to the FHRA e-mail alert list asking:

"How do you think the City should spend its money to improve our neighborhood?
Your  ideas count! so please reply to this e-mail with a couple of your best suggestions."

More than two dozen either replied directly to the e-mail or filled out a more detailed survey on the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council website, www.GGPNC.org. The purpose of the poll was to help the GGPNC formulate budget priorities to be passed on through the Neighborhood Council process to the Mayor for consideration in planning the next city budget.

The combined results from those contacted by the FHRA
 as of 9/3/03 are below:

Street repairs/potholes etc. -- 12
Zoning/Building code enforcement -- 12 (mainly aimed at auto repair shops along Hyperion)
More Policing/Crime control -- 7
Bulky item pickup/Trash collection -- 7
Traffic enforcement & flow improvement -- 6 (Radar/Stop signs/one way streets)
Graffiti -- 5
Parking issues -- 5  (Businesses using residential streets for parking/angle parking on Hillhurst/)
Tree Planting - 5
Speed Humps -- 3
Street Lighting -- 3
Underground Utilities --3
Noise -- 3 (helicopters and Prospect Studios)
Historic Preservation -- 2
Other issues mentioned included...more transit, a community walks program, parks at reservoirs, helping family owned business, homelessness,  and posting pet clean-up signs,

Below is a compilation of the suggestions e-mailed back to the FHRA in the order they were received

Just continue to resurface these streets as they are badly in need of same.
1. STREET MAINTENANCE. Repair potholes and improperly compacted utility patches in the concrete hill streets. The City's resurfacing of the asphalt flat streets is good. However, no repair of any type whatsoever has occurred on the concrete hill streets in years. In this case, a little bit of long overdue work will go a long way.
2. HELICOPTER NOISE ABATEMENT. Enforce minimum altitude restrictions on low-flying helicopters crossing the hills. We live on top of the hill. Sometimes, the helicopters fly so low the entire house shakes from it. At times the occurrences are so frequent, it feels like we are in the middle of a war zone. Since most of the violators appear to be city and county vehicles, this should not be to hard to implement if there is any willpower to do so on the part of city authorities. It also should not cost much, if anything, to accomplish.
3.TRASH COLLECTION. At least one time a month the city fails to pick up one of the trash containers. Each time, I have called the City Bureau of Sanitation to schedule a follow-up pick up, as per the Bureau's procedure. The City's follow-up has been terrible. Less than 20% of the time does the scheduled follow-up pickup actually happen. Fixing this problem should not require money, only commitment.
4. UNDERGROUND UTILITIES. It would be delightful if the city would underground the ever increasing number of aboveground utility lines in our neighborhood. While I suspect that this will cost a lot of money, is possible that money for such projects is sitting somewhere in the City's (or DWP's) budget. While the chances of this occurring are not high, It certainly doesn't hurt to ask.
I would like to see speed bumps put onto some of our narrow streets (like mine, Fernwood), that get used almost like speedways in the mornings by commuters and parents of schoolchildren to avoid the traffic light at Fountain & Hyperion. I would also like to see some sort of EVEN ENFORCEMENT of parking regulations. I am sick and tired of seeing mangled and/or undriveable cars left untouched by the Police (near body shops) but my car sits in one place for more than a week and I get a warning or a ticket!
would like to see signs to PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET. West Hollywood has them. Why not us?
Turn the Silverlake reservoirs into safe, accessible park spaces

Repave roads in Silverlake and parts of Franklin hills

Plant more trees in the more urban areas of our neighborhood

Organize community walks in the neighborhoods t foster community spirit and crime prevention
Slow traffic in the Franklin Hills. According to the police I've talked with
the streets are "un-surveyed" whatever that means so they cant ticket. Well,
get the streets surveyed and ticket.
Personally, I’d love to have the telephone poles put underground and to keep the walk steps in good repair. They are a part of history and should be protected!

Thanks for all you’re doing!
1) Convert Hillhurst to head in parking like Larchmont Village. That street doesn't need to be that wide, you'll have more parking and have more of a coz neighborhood feel.
2) Preserve all historical buildings. Put a moratorium on converting all historical buildings including all bungalows in the Hillhurst- Vermont area by designating it as a historical overlay zone. Have incentives for people to restore mutilated historical structures to their original grandeur.
3) establish aesthetic standards for buildings focused on beautifying all the car repair shops on Hyperion and Rowena. They should be forced to upgrade their buildings, have subdued signage and more residential friendly buildings. No metal fences and ugly cinder block construction. End all their grandfather rights that enable them to spew fumes into our neighborhood.
Since there is not a great deal of money to work with the question is what will have the greatest impact on the most residents. Clean and safer neighborhoods would be a result of more attention to bulky item pickups. Speed humps and more stop signs for public safety would be high on the list.
1. Reduce traffic speed on Hyperion (a cop posted on Hyperion and Tracy could bring in HUGE revenue amounts for the city between speeding tickets & running red lights).
2. Zoning Enforcement
3. Tree Planting

The North East Division doesn't have a large enough department to patrol effectively. There need to be more cars in our neighborhood on a continuing basis AND cars available to answer non-priority calls. (Non-priority meaning loud parties that seem to proliferate our increasingly populous hills, water balloon throwing at cars by school children that's a major hazard for motorists, etc.)
We live closely with these problems on a daily basis and they need to be handled by SOMEONE rather than have all cars out on priority calls only, as is always the case.
Also, the increasing traffic congestion on Hyperion/Rowena around Trader Joes needs to be handled more effectively. The new, double left turn lanes from Rowena onto northbound Hyperion are dangerous and I've had near collisions there from motorists changing lanes mid-turn. Perhaps some bright yellow lane markers or even lane 'buttons' installed in the road would make turning there more safe.
Also, the cars entering and leaving the Trader Joes parking lot create roadblocks to those traveling to and from major freeway entrances accessed from Rowena. Something needs to be done to move traffic through that intersection more efficiently.
Lastly, the Sunset Junction Fair has gotten louder and louder each year, blasting our houses with decibel levels so high that some of us have to leave our homes for the weekend. The music speakers need to be monitored to maintain a reasonable level. This year, friends of mine who live as far away as Lindsay Lane off Glendale Blvd. heard the music at their house for the first time. When we went to the fair, we noticed that most people couldn't even stand near the bandstands due to the high level of ear piercing sound.
Yes, loud 'party music' is fun at reasonable levels, but make this a pleasant experience for the community instead of one to be dreaded.
Noise abatement, I am glad that business is good for Prospect Studios, but the side abutting Melbourne/Sanborn is becoming increasingly noisy at all hours and all days of the week. They could minimize this by planting some strategically sized/placed trees, that would also serve to block the view of their buildings which is unattractive from our side. Otherwise the graffiti and theft problems our my biggest issues, so a close relationship with Marshall and King administration is needed.
1- crime
2- homelessness
3- graffiti
4- bulky item pick-up
Greater zoning restrictions to keep residential neighborhoods "residential."
One of the greatest ways our neighborhood could be improved is for the city
to enforce the already existing zoning laws. For examples:
• L+M auto body shop on Hyperion Ave. has enlarged itself, without permit
several times and currently does not meet building/zoning requirements. In
addition, they park cars they are working on all along the street and create a
traffic hazard as they pull in and out. They also have very caustic smelling
exhaust that bothers neighbors above and on either side of them.
• there have been several vacant (?abandoned) homes in the Franklin Hills
that aren't fenced and/or demolished. One on Hyperion was abandoned for more
than 15 years, frequently had vagrants and drug users. It is now being
restored/rebuilt to the delight of all the neighbors. One finally was torn down this
last year but its next door neighbor is vacated and looks like it is falling
• There is a home on Lyric Ave. that has been renting out apartments or
offering shared occupancy for at least 10 years. This produces a real traffic
problem when their 5 or 6 cars are vying for the limited hill parking spaces.

• Are there any zoning laws about billboards in residential / light
commercial areas? There really should be! I hate the signs on Hyperion and Rowena.

Is there anything that can be done about the panhandlers/druggies around the
Basically, I am very pleased with our community and feel we are blessed to
not suffer with many of the inner-city problems that other communities have.
We definitely want the streets fixed...particularly in the hills and more specifically on Ronda Vista Drive. More response later
We need improvements on the road especially the road on Sunset Drive going to King Jr. High. More lighting on the streets especially on Talmadge St.
I salute you the Officers of FHRA for the good work you are doing in our neighborhood
I feel that enforcement of the zoning violations by all the auto
shops on Hyperion should be a top priority. It's frustrating that
Hyperion Auto shop is still operating after they lost their appeal
at the city counsel hearing; Tom Labonges' assistant, Renee, told
me that they had forwarded the information to Building and Safety
to enforce but as of today's date they're still thumbing their
noses at their neighbors i.e. taking up all the street parking,
fumes from the paint still a problem. Rumor has it that they
told one of the neighbors that they were unconcerned; they were
turning it into a car wash, which would be a nightmare of noise
and parking problems. We still have the noise problems from the
car wash down the street to contend with....
A couple of suggestions:
Resurface the streets in the Franklin Hills, that at least from appearances, have not been resurfaced or repaved for many years.
Replace the unsightly telephone poles and wires in the neighborhood with replacement underground cables and wires.
Just my .02.
I would like to see the money spent on community projects that community
members are also contributing to with time, enthusiasm, and dedication, but
need extra funds to make the project really special, lasting, and something
that future residents will admire and appreciate. It seems that for those
"dream projects" that so many people want to do in their neighborhoods,
money is the most lacking.
My pet peeve is the use of FERNWOOD AVE, BETWEEN SANBORN AND HYPERION as a commuter route between the Middle School and their homes. There should be SPEED BUMPS or REDUCED SPEED LIMITS, as traffic just barrels down this narrow one way street. There are often young children playing; which in itself is dangerous; and also the looks I get from the SUV Moms when I am parking my car in the garage could kill. They don't seem to realise that it is a Residential St, and not a major road.
Email sent on 8/23/03 to 292 e-mail addresses
Dear Franklin Hills Neighbor,

Our new neighbor, the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council, has a favor to ask that may help all of us.

Under the new city charter Neighborhood Councils, like the GGPNC, have a responsibility to advise the Mayor on how we folks think the city should spend our tax money...and the Mayor and his budget team are supposed to listen.

Now the GGPNC has asked us, to ask you, for your input. The complex issue simply put is:

How do you think the City should spend its money to improve our neighborhood?

Your  ideas count! so please reply to this e-mail with a couple of your best suggestions.

They can range from A to Z (Asphalt...for the pothole in front of your home... to Zoning enforcement...at auto repair shops) and everything in between: more police...less pollution...bulky item pickup...balky traffic speed-up. Would you like to see city money promote your pet project...or prevent your pet peeve?  Please let us know.

If you would like to complete a short, but more detailed, survey on city services the GGPNC would greatly appreciate your input. Go to www.GGPNC.org and click on the survey link, print it out, fill it in and mail it to:
GGPNC - PO Box 27003, Los Angeles, CA 90027

When we have received enough responses we will tally them on our website www.FranklinHills.org and the results of the whole GGPNC City Budget Survey will be posted on their website www.GGPNC.org when available. If you're not sure just what the GGPNC is or does, click on their website link and explore.

Even if you don't have budget priorities, if you'd like to be included in the GGPNC's e-mail list for updates on GGPNC meetings and other community issues simply reply to this e-mail or send one directly to Stakeholder@GGPNC.org.