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Crime Alerts
Copper Wire Theft - tell the good guys from the bad guys

Click Here for info on Anonymous Crime Reporting to the LAPD via Text-A-Tip & TIPSOFT Web Tips
LAPD Northeast Division and Senior Lead Officers
Lenny Davis 213-793-0763    Leo Rey
You can get the latest crimemap info by going to

and selecting the area and time period (sample shown below)
You can also get e-mail updates on area crime by signing up for e-policing www.lapdepolicing.org/


It's important if you are the victim of theft, or any other crime (or attempted crime), report it to the police. Our area senior lead officers believe that only about half the thefts in our area are actually reported. Since police resources are allocated on the basis of need, shown by reported crime statistics, every unreported crime gives the bad guys more chances to do it again since the needed police resources will be elsewhere.

FHRAlert June 2016

Suspicious Preson

"This  is a picture of guy on a bike that my neighbor spotted  going down driveways of houses  in the 4000 block of Camero Ave.in mid June 2016. 
He left a blue collapsible laundry hamper  with some plates, broken cups and trash bags in it next to my trash cans in the driveway. I didn't notice anything missing or disturbed. 
Just wanted to let everyone know. disturbed..Not sure if this is the same person who someone reported on Sanborn. "

(6/25/16-- 2000 block Sanborn) "I looked up to see a male figure peering through the garage door windows. I watched him for a few minutes while he was obviously 'casing' the garage moving from window to window. He spotted me watching him and quickly moved away. I came out of the garage and he was rapidly moving away from the house. I confronted him halfway down the street and he stated he was 'just looking' and proceeded to run up the Sanborn Avenue staircase to Franklin Avenue.
He is a young, white male, late teens/early 20's, approx 6 ft tall. Slight build with short dark brown hair. He was wearing a dark T-shirt w/light colored pants and tennis shoes

FHRAlert October 22, 2015

Security cameras in the 2200 block of Hyperion caught this graffiti on October 12, 2015 and also video of 4 young men doing other vandalism. The video of the young men was supplied to the Principal of John Marshall High School who was able to identify at least two of the four as Marshall students.

FHRAlert  September 26, 2015

September 26th at 10:04 am, the lady in this video and photos below vandalized my neighbor's property. She intentionally threw a large rock at the garage door and also threw it at the glass door entry causing it to break. Total of $1200 in damage. A police report was filed with the LAPD Northeast Division.  Also, we saw she had broken the window in another home in the 2200 block of Hyperion. If you can identify this woman contact LAPD Northeast Division or FHRA@FranklinHills.org



Past Selected FHRAlerts 


A Franklin Hills neighbor sent this info and the photos below on 12/24/14:

"At 7:30 this morning coming home from the gym I was nearly walked over by a guy in a hooded sweatshirt wearing a backpack. If he hadn't stared me down, I probably wouldn't have followed him. The two me went up Lyric off of St. George. I stopped to pretend to look at my phone when I noticed a black cadillac drive up the street. The windows appeared to be tinted and it didn't look like a neighbor.

"When I got up the street it appeared there was a 4th person in a second car (Looked like a black Chrystler - in front of the minivan). The pictures aren't great because nobody wanted to pose for me and I was trying to look like I was exercising.

"Anyway the Black Chrysler was parked in front of the house, one of the men dropped his backpack in front of the house and walked around back with the younger guy. The black cadillac was parked just up the street.

"The two guys walking also looked like the guys in the video someone posted of 2 men stealing packages. I called it in."
Note: video in link above from the 2300-2400 block of Lyric was posted on Nextdoor Franklin Hills on December 13, 2014.


Past Selected FHRAlerts 

We have received two reports of suspicious persons in the area of Franklin and Radio Walk:
"There is an old burgundy colored van with the passenger side rear window taped with duct tape in the hill top area. It was near Radio and Franklin late last night. A white, young male, got out and was trying to open our locked gate. Said to a neighbor that he was looking for "somebody friendly, are you friendly?" He then went down the street NW, and loudly kicked at a neighbors door. Later the van circled the area honking its horn. (Possibly to pickup the person that got out of it.) Police were called, but the van was gone. Today the 27th, the van is back cruising the neighborhood."
Another Franklin Ave resident sent a photo and this message
This guy has been seen for past two days looking in windows around Franklin and radio walk. He says he is "looking for friendly people" and said something about selling, but has nothing to sell. He is asking for donations.

He was dropped off twice (yesterday and right now) by an old red van with the rear window covered with plastic.

This picture was his proof that he wasn't suspicious when confronted.



According to the LAPD the shooting of John Lee, a 33 years old Las Vegas resident, at 9:15pm on Sunday 12/30/12 near Russell and Talmadge was unrelated to anything going in the neighborhood. It was probably a 'meet' and a drug deal gone bad. The narcotics detectives believe that it was probably a 'transportation issue'. The victim was described as well connected in Las Vegas. The location was probably chosen because it was near Sunset and there aren't many streetlights in the area.

A Franklin Hills resident provided additional information on several suspects that were observed in the area. The suspects appeared to be removing mail as they went from house to house. They are described as a female Asian driver wearing a lot of make up and appeared to have a heavy build. The passenger was a male Asian, thin build, early 20`s. The vehicle being used was a possible Nissan Maxima, grey or silver in color. A partial plate was observed, 3RJ-----unk. The police were alerted to the incident that day, checked the area but were unable to locate the suspects. Please share this information and keep an eye out for the activity.

 As the Holidays are rapidly approaching, now is the time to plan ahead to keep you and your family safe! Here a a few tips to remember:
-Be extra cautious! Lock your doors and windows when you leave the house, even for a few minutes
-When leaving home for an extended period of time, have a neighbor or family member watch your house and pick up your newspapers and mail
-Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic timer
-Leave a radio or television on so the house looks and sounds occupied
-Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows and doors of your home
-When setting up a Christmas tree or other holiday display, make sure doorways and passageways are clear inside your home
-Make sure your Christmas tree is mounted on a sturdy base so children, elderly persons or family pets cannot pull it over on themselves
- If you use lights on your Christmas tree ensure the wiring is not damaged or frayed. Frayed or damaged wiring can cause a fire.
-Drive defensively and remember, traffic is heavier during the holidays. Look out for drunk drivers!

A Security Camera  in the 2300 Block of Lyric Caught a Package Thief in the Act
On December 11,2012 at 3:34:41pm, thief  approaches the house leaving the door of his Silver Ford Escape open so he can make a fast escape. Thief seconds later with the stolen package in his hands heads back to the Ford Escape If you see suspicious activity such as this call 9-1-1
MAY 24,2012 - SEXUAL ASSAULT - LAPD SEEKING WITNESSES.  The LAPD is looking for anyone who may have been in the area of Sunset Blvd. and Benton Way around 6am on the Morning of  Friday, April 20, 2012. If you were, click here to look at an LAPD Community Alert  Notification that shows the suspect and the victim.   If you haver any info call LAPD Northest Sex Crimes Detectives at 323-344-5742.

MAY 17, 2012 - 3 CAR BREAK-INS -This morning the FHRA has received reports of two car break-ins between 10pm Wednesday night and 6am this morning, Thursday, May 17, 2012. A resident in the 3800 block of Franklin e-mailed: "My new Prius was broken into overnight, with the window smashed. My Ipod located in the console was taken. Nothing else."Farther up the hill in the 2100 block of Mayview Dr. another Prius had its window smashed and console broken into, but the loot from that job was just a few CDs. Both victims have reported the break-ins to LAPD. The LAPD also reported that a third vehicle, a BMW, was broken into overnight in our area.

MARCH 15, 2012 CAR BREAK-INS - We got the two reports below from concerned neighbors on Hollyvista and Ronda Vista about multiple car break-ins that happened Wednesday night or early Thursday:
"This morning on my walk of the hill, I saw three cars with smashed driver's side windows, and evidence of a fourth (smashed glass on the street, but the car had been removed). Two of the vehicles involved were Prius's, and one Corolla. The interiors had been rifled through.
"I thought people should be aware that so many cars were affected last night. I hope they all report the damage/thefts to the police."


"We just found out that our neighbors up the hill  at Ronda Vista Drive and Ronda Vista Place had their Prius broken into some time last night. The driver side window was smashed and items were taken from inside the car. The suspect(s) involved also went through the glove box. It's very unfortunate but it does occasionally happen on our hill as many of you know.
"Just a reminder that it might be a good idea to check out your cars parked outside and your visiting friends & family's vehicles to see if you have shopping bags, bags, electronics, paperwork, or other things in plain sight inside your vehicle that might catch a suspect's eye. We don't know if our neighbors up the hill had belongings laying around inside their Prius. STUFF lying around inside your vehicle is a temptation for "Burglary from Motor Vehicle" suspects so please be aware."

FEBRUARY 8, 2012    VEHICLE BURGLARY UPDATE -The Franklin Hills Residents Association has received some good news and wise advice from the LAPD about the rash of thefts from motor vehicles.
"Last week in the Los Feliz community an Auto Theft arrest was made of a suspect who admitted to not breaking into cars. Instead he walks the streets checking cars with unlocked doors. Suspect then removes property from the UNLOCKED cars. Some of the items found on suspect were GPS, cigarettes, perfume, jewelry, sunglasses, currency coins and phone chargers.
"This is just a reminder to all Northeast communities to:
- Park your vehicles in your garage or driveway when possible
- Do not leave items visible
- Place anti-theft devices (alarm systems, steering lock)
- Park your vehicles in well lighted areas
- Keep all doors and windows LOCKED
- If cars are stolen or burglarized, immediately report it to the police
"Remember to "Harden the Target" so that these burglary suspects do not want to remain
in the area.
"Please share this information with your neighbors and if you see your neighbor's garage open or car unlocked, take a minute to remind them to secure their property."


After our initial FHRAlert last Sunday we received more reports of similar crimes:
"Just reporting that our two cars were burglarized on Franklin Ave. last Saturday night at 3:45am. One car, the doors were unlocked (I forgot to lock them), but nothing was taken because there was nothing in the car to take.
"Our other car was behind the first car on the street and had the doors locked. The car alarm went off 3 times in a row. I was slow to get out of bed and get dressed, so by the time I went out to investigate, I didn’t see anything. I pressed the remote to rearm the alarm, and went back to bed. In the morning upon investigation, the car with the locked doors did not have any signs of forced entry (no broken window or lock), but the change from the center console was taken along with some CD’s strewn around the inside.
"Overall, I was happy no broken windows, but it means that someone had a slimjim or similar device to open the locked doors. I’ll be faster to respond to the car alarm next time, in hopes of getting a description of the criminal."


And a Talmadge Avenue resident reported:
"My car was broken into a month ago in our driveway on Talmadge. My mistake: I left it unlocked. They took nothing valuable but made a mess."

 February 4, 2012 -VEHICLE BURGLARIES
We have received the report below from the LAPD's Northeast station about "a recent rash of vehicle burglaries" near the Franklin Hills. In one instance on Aloha Street last Monday night the police report:
"A newer Toyota Prius was stripped of its headlight assembly, air bags, mirrors, and various other interior parts. This vehicle had been parked on a residential street that had very little lighting. The following is a list of suggestions that may help prevent the burglary and theft of items from motor vehicles.

  • Park in well lighted areas if possible. Your local City Council representative may be able to answer questions about obtaining additional lighting on your street. You and your neighbors may find that the installation of motion lighting that shines towards the street is a better solution.
  • Lock your vehicles windows and doors.
  • Leave nothing visible inside.
  • Remove the GPS suction cup marks from the windshield.
  • Report break ins and thefts in a timely manner.
  • Share with neighbors information on criminal activity and consider starting a neighborhood watch.
  • Report suspicious activity when observed. "
Past Crime Reports 
An FHRA member on Franklin Ave. sent this report: "On Saturday 2/26/11 at approx. 12noon, a 40-45 year old Hispanic man with bags of recyclables entered my neighbor's property near St. George and Franklin.  We told him to leave the property, he would not, We took a cellphone picture and the man pulled a large wine bottle from his bag in a threatened manner. He left the property and went around the corner. We left in a car and when we pulled around the corner he was loading the bags in his car.  We stopped to get a picture of the car/license plate (black Toyota Camay, dents).  He become very combative, pulled a stick with a hook on the end and while my partner took pictures the scavenger pulled a can of pepper spray from his car and sprayed him in the face. Police and paramedics responded quickly to the felony assault but the man had left the scene. Scavenging has become much more then a victimless crime, there are numerous reports of identity theft, burglary and worse.  Moreover, residents become desensitized to trespassers around the neighborhood allowing criminals to act without notice."

PROWLERS  2/24/2011
An FHRA member in the 2400 block of Ronda Vista reported prowlers in back of their house. After an FHRAlert was sent out we received other similar reports. One resident was able to get photos of the obviously camera shy  trio elsewhere in the Franklin Hills.
"Please be aware that just before 9 this morning - Thursday- Feb 24- we had 3 men around the back of our house. This is no place for anyone to be. My husband went outside to see them coming around the side of our house and when he confronted them they acted busted. We called police and they came and will go look for them. They were headed up our street. 
 3 Latino men about 17 or 18 years of age all dressed in black - all with knapsacks."

PURSE SNATCHINGS - 12/28/10 - Reported by Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis:
There have been a series of purse snatches in the East Hollywood area over the past week. The susps are targeting females as they enter their vehicles or homes. Bodily force has been used on several of them. The susps are described as two Male Hispanics wearing hoodies. 

Please be aware of your surroundings as you leave and return to your vehicles or homes. One way to prevent purse snatching is not to carry a purse, or to carry it in a way that makes it inaccessible, such as wearing it under your coat. Keeping your purse close to your body and your arm over it makes it a little bit harder for someone to grab the purse. If you see any suspicious activity, please contact the police immediately.

If you have any information please contact Northeast Robbery Detectives at (213) 485-2570 or Watch Commander at (213) 485-2563.

"During the Week of July 11th to July 17th, there was a surge of vehicle break-ins and bicycle thefts. Most of the bikes taken were from under car apartment garages that had locks on them.
"Items taken within this period are cameras, lens, bikes, electronic devices, computers, garage door openers, laptops, television, cellphone and currency. Please be reminded not to leave valuables in plain sight and lock your vehicles.
"Locations were SOME of these theft incidents occurred: 1900/2000 blk of Rodney Drive, 3900/4300 blk of Los Feliz Blvd, 2000 blk of Hillhurst, Finley and Catalina, 4600 blk of Clarissa, 1300 and 2600 blk of Glendale blvd."

On July 13th, 2010, a burglary occurred on the 2900 block of St. George St., during the hours of 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Suspects open unsecured front window, entered and removed property. A witness observed the suspects in the complex but did not call the police department. Suspects were described as 2 male Hispanics, about 506-508 tall, 150 pounds, in their 20's, wearing hoodies.
"As a reminder, please secure your homes even if your leaving for a short time. Make sure alarms and surveillance equipment are in working condition. Please share crime trend information with your neighbors and lookout for one another. If you see suspicious activity call the police department immediately!!! "


BICYCLE THEFTS - 3/10/2010
Recently there has been an increase in bicycle thefts in these areas. The suspects do surveillance in the area and see which garage doors are unlocked or open. The suspects are removing bicycles and other property from these garages. Please remember to close and lock your garages, even if you are home.


ANTI THEFT CLUB $11  3/5/2010
From LAPD Northeast station Capt. Bill Murphy: "We have officially started the Northeast "11 for 11" program. This is a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) reduction program where we will sell you an official "CLUB" steering wheel locking device for $11 (retails at $30 and above) if you pledge to spend the 11 seconds it takes to put the CLUB on your car!
"We began this program with a group of police volunteers who reviewed all of our stolen vehicle crime reports over the past 18 months. They were tasked with identifying all 1990s model Honda and Toyota vehicles stolen over this time period (these types of vehicles account for over 50% of our GTA crime). A list of these victims was generated and a letter was send out to them explaining the "11 for 11" program and encouraging them to purchase a CLUB. For victims that are economically disadvantaged, we may even give it to them for free (this is done on a case by case basis - donations to BLEND help support this).
"We are also working very closely with the Churches of Northeast and our Police Clergy Council to spread the word about the "11 for 11" program. They will be selling the CLUB during church services to increase the distribution.
Anyone interested in purchasing the CLUB can come to Northeast Station, 3353 San Fernando Road, Monday through Friday between 8 AM to 4 PM. As we are not a business, we ask that you have either the $11 in cash or make a check out to "BLEND." This is a one for one program - one CLUB for one person. We want to avoid someone walking into the station and buying 20 CLUBs - only to sell them on the street or at some swap meet for a profit. Remember, we are doing this to reduce auto crime. Thanks for your support!"

Last night residents near Prospect & Deloz and Franklin & Hollyvista reported street light outages. In December many Franklin Hills street lights went dark because of the theft of copper wire which is sold for scrap.


A resident near Franklin & Hollyvista e-mailed FHRA: "Once again, our lights are out on Hollyvista and I suspect it may be because of another theft. On Tuesday Feb 9 I noticed a white "cherry picker" truck at the corner of Franklin and Hollyvista." A quick check with the Bureau of Street Lighting this morning could find no record of such a service call by their personnel.


Bureau of Street Lighting, Assistant Division Manager, Jeffrey Ziliotto warned, "thieves have been observed in regular vehicles: a red truck, a red van, and a green truck, in different parts of the City and in other cities. One of the vehicles even had a City seal. The Bureau's vehicles are either yellow (typical City issued vehicle) or white (rental vehicle), with or without the City seal. We urge the citizen to call the authorities for anything that appears to be suspicious, even if it is our crew. Our employees each carry their City issued identification."


LAPD Senior Lead officer Al Polehonki says police are looking for help in a recent mid-morning robbery in the 4100 block of Wanda Pl. "Suspect entered victim’s unlocked residence. When the victim confronted the suspect, the suspect pointed a black handgun at victim and bound his hands with a zip tie. Suspect then searched the victim’s house for approximately 5 to 6 hours while victim was left in a room and checked on by the suspect. Suspect had taken money, DVD’s and some costume jewelry from the victim’s residence. Victim believed he had seen the suspect at his residence two other times looking for work.
Suspect: Male, Hispanic, 5'09", 160lbs, 25-40 years old, dark jacket, dark jeans
Northeast Robbery Detectives are looking for other area residents who may have been approached by the same suspect around the same time frame. Any additional suspect or vehicle descriptions would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact Det. Jones, northeast Robbery at (213) 847-4270."


GRAFFITI  February 2010
There has recently been graffiti tagging on the Shakespeare bridge and nearby around Franklin & St. George. One resident e-mailed us about some ominous signs: "Driving home around 8:30 PM (Friday), revealed a gold spray mark drawn through the first [graffiti] marker, This is a known usual challenge to the first perp of the crime. It seems that our hill is now going to be in for a lot of trouble with vandals."


CAR BREAKINS   January 2010
We have also gotten car break-in reports from Udell Ct., and a Deloz Ave. resident sent this e-mail last month "Just want everyone to know that our car was broken into (AGAIN) right in front of our home. The burglar obviously knows how to open a locked car without breaking a window. Everything was stolen from the glove box and back seat. So, do not keep anything of importance in your car!"


LAPD Northeast Division Capt. William Murphy reports: "Good News: Part I [serious]crime Down 30.3%, Homicide Even (0 Crimes), Rape Down 100% (2 vs. 0), 459* Down 45.8%, Larceny Down 16.6%, and the best number BTFV* Down 51.2% (67 less crimes). Great numbers here.
"Needs Improvement: AGG* Up 18% ( 2 more crimes), and GTA* Up 16% (7 more crimes)."
Due to Federal Court orders thousands of prisoners are expected to be released in the coming months. Capt. Murphy writes: "As of right now, we are being told that the prisoners (if released) will be non-violent offenders. This means that they probably went to jail for property-related offenses such as GTA, BTFV, 459, or narcotics charges. Unfortunately, property crime happens to be NOE Area's biggest crime problem - auto-related crime alone accounted for 52% of our crime - and we may very well get dozens or even hundreds of these types of prisoners released onto our streets. Know that we are already planning for this and will use every prevention, intervention, suppression, and re-entry strategy available to keep you safe and your quality of life high."
*(Crime Terminology, 187: Homicide, 211: Robbery, BTFV: Car break-in, GTA: Car theft, AGG: Shooting, stabbing, or assault not resulting in death, 459: Burglary of a residence or business, 261: Sexual Assault, rape)"


The official stats are just part of the story. In a meeting with community groups Northeast Senior Lead officers estimated that as much as half of crimes such as auto break-ins go un-reported. And while that might make the figures look good, it hampers officers in the battle against crime which increasingly relies on accurate statistics of where crime is occurring to allocate resources for prevention and enforcement. Even if the police response to your call doesn't lead to immediate results the information over time may help prevent future crimes in the area.


FHRA Security Patrol Pilot Project

Past Crime Reports

 A 14 year old female student at Thomas Starr King Middle School attacked about 7 a.m., near the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Hoover St., a man approached her from behind, grabbed her at the waist, covered her mouth, and attempted to kidnap her. The student fought, elbowed and kicked him and he fled in a 2008/09 dark gray Honda Accord with dark tinted windows. The suspect is Hispanic between 30-40 years old, 130-140 lbs.,  5’6” - 5’7” tall, and unshaven. Northeast LAPD Robbery Detectives are seeking additional information if anyone saw anything please call (213) 847-4270.

Mail Theft
Responding to reports of mail theft from homes in the area LAPD Senior Lead officer Al Polenhonki sent along these helpful tips of activity to watch out for, remember and report to the Police:

"The suspects that engage in this kind of activity may be following the carriers around as they make their deliveries. During the holidays, we had several reports of thefts involving Fedex deliveries. Several suspects were apprehended and booked.
Please be a good witness and call 911 if you happen to see any of the delivery trucks being followed. The suspects will be easy to spot when they stop to pick up the packages right after the driver leaves. Most drivers can't see the activity because of the large trucks and limited visibility.
A suspect / vehicle description, license plate and direction of travel would be very helpful."

And of course having a locking mailbox, or mail slot through a door or wall is a way to help safeguard your incoming mail.
Watchful Residents = Arrests
On September 30, 2008, a resident in the 2100 block of Lyric Ave. noticed a prowler in the back yard and called 911. The radio report was received in the patrol car of the LAPD Senior Lead Officers (SLO) assigned to the Franklin Hills area. Officers Al Polehonki and Lenny Davis (who replaced recently retired, SLO Sam Salazar) just happened to be patrolling the area along Lyric near Hyperion. The reporting resident, still on the cellphone waved to them as they passed. Then they heard the radio give the description of a shirtless, heavily tattooed, male Hispanic, 5'10" 200lbs, and they spotted him heading down the hill. When he saw the police car, he began to run and was arrested after a short chase ending along Griffith Park Blvd. between Lyric and Scotland. This obviously wasn't his first police encounter. Officer Polehonki reported the suspect's rap sheet is 50 pages long with arrests for drugs and burglaries. Until this arrest he was a "parolee at large" meaning he had failed to report to authorities as required.
A great example of what can be done with timely teamwork between observant neighbors and patrolling police. Without putting yourself in danger, the advice from the SLOs is to make yourself a good witness. Make a mental note of the suspects' physical description, license plate/vehicle description, etc. so that the info you report has a higher chance of leading to an arrest and making our neighborhood a safer place.


Another Increase in Property Crime
LAPD Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan reports there is a high rate of property crimes in the  Franklin Hills and Los Feliz areas. There were 8 burglaries in the week from 8/11/08-8/18/08. The crimes have occurred between 6am and 6pm. Five of the eight involved cutting through screens on open windows at the rear of homes. The suspects are described only as two black males seen in a maroon sedan. When you leave home please remember to close and lock all doors and windows.

Another series of crimes occurred over the weekend of August 9th, where 6 businesses along Vermont and Hillhurst were vandalized with broken windows and two reported property stolen in the nighttime hours.
Officer Chovan suggests that high quality surveillance cameras can be a real help in catching this kind of criminal. If you have them turn them on, or at least have good lighting to make it harder for the evil doers to go unnoticed.

Why Your Car Should Be
 In Your Garage

At the FHRA annual Meeting in June 2008 LAPD Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki noted that recent arrests had greatly reduced the number of car break-ins in the general area. But it continued to be a prevalent problem. At 3am on July 15, 2008, LAPD arrested another suspect who reportedly admitted to at least three car breakins. Office Polehonki reports that "GPS is the big item right now" and suggests everyone make a note of the serial numbers of all valuable items so if you do have to make a police report of a crime, when police find your stuff in pawn shops etc. they can make a case and you can get your gear back. Photographing valuable items such a jewelry is also very helpful. He also pointed to a very interesting video on YouTube that shows a very methodical overnight burglar checking out cars for their contents in nearby Silver Lake. Click here to watch the video  Although several in this theft ring were arrested, there are plenty more still hunting, so it's important to remember not to leave things of value in the car and if possible hide it in your garage.

Police Explorer Scouts, under the supervision of Officer Polhonki, recently distributed flyers (seen here on Lyric Ave.) in the Franklin Hills with tips on reducing your chances of being a car break-in/theft victim.
The FHRA received nearly a dozen car break-in reports in June 2008.

Citizen Crime Reports

In late July 2007 we received reports of home burglaries in the Franklin Hills and Silver Lake where neighbors have spotted a Black Mercedes sedan with tinted windows and 3 male occupants. Additional reports indicate others have seen such a car loitering in the area recently perhaps its occupants planning their next caper.

Also in late July 2007 we received the report below written by a resident on Vermont north of Los Feliz

"While my husband and I were at work two guys showed up at around 2 p.m. at our house. They were wearing white construction hard hats. They were driving an off white large pick up truck - possibly a Ford or Toyota truck." (The men were described as being in their late 40's one an African-American with a pock marked face, the other a white man had a short beard.)

"They told my housekeeper they had an appointment and needed to inspect the house and did not give a company name. She asked for their business card but they refused but still wanted to inspect the house. She said that the owner was not available and to come back in 15 minutes. They didn't come back.

"Our neighbors' housekeeper had the same experience on the same day except she let them into the house where they went about checking doors and general security. The owners were not there and when they found out they were quite upset.

'Obviously these people were not who they said they were and could be a danger to the neighborhood. We did not get a chance to photograph them but we are going to keep a camera at the front door in case they return. If anyone could get one - that would be helpful."

Did You or
Your Security Camera See The Window Bashers Saturday Night
Oct. 7, 2006 ?

The LAPD is looking for your help in tracking down those responsible for smashing about 40 car windows in Franklin Hills and Silverlake. Witnesses have described a reddish 1990's era Ford Aerostar van with two shaved head males and one or two females who were heard laughing as they left a trail of shattered glass.
Mayview Drive resident removes debris
from her
damaged car the morning after.

The damaging rampage extended from West Silver Lake Blvd. to Talmadge St. and ran between the hours of about 10:30pm to as late as 3am Sunday morning.

Witnesses said the men exited the vehicle and used baseball bats to smash car windows, then moved on to another location. The brazen attacks took place even on dead end streets where the bashers would have to exit by the same route they took to get onto the street.

LAPD Northeast detectives (213-485-2566) are seeking any video from surveillance cameras that might have been recorded during the vandalism spree...even if there were no cars damaged by your place, if you have video from that time it might have captured the suspects' or their vehicle and be useful in tracking down the suspects.
WARNING: Home Invasion Robberies
from Silver Lake to Griffith Park area
Suspect No. 1 was described as a male Black, 6’1” – 6’2”, 160 pounds, 24-27 years of age with dark rings under his eyes.  Suspect was wearing a red knit cap, a baggy white “T” shirt, baggy blue jeans and white tennis shoes, wearing a silver chain with a medallion and was armed with an unknown caliber pistol. Suspect No. 2 was described as a male Black, 5’11” – 6’0”, 145-165 pounds, 20-25 years.  He was wearing a baggy white “T” shirt, baggy blue jeans and white shoes with yellow speckles and armed with an unknown caliber, blue-steel, semi-auto handgun.
LAPD Detectives are looking for these two suspects, plus a third black male suspect who drove the getaway car, a white Chevrolet Suburban SUV, after a home invasion robbery in the 2100 block of Kenilworth in the hills above Silverlake about 9am on Thursday, August 31, 2006.
A similar home invasion where the victim was pistol whipped and cash, credits cards and other small valuables were stolen took place about 10am on Wednesday, August 23 in the hills below Griffith Park. Victims in both robberies required treatment for head wounds.

The Los Angeles Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects of these robberies. Anyone with information regarding these crimes is asked to call Northeast Robbery, Detectives M. Ramos or P. Tagle at (213) 847-4270.  After hours and on weekends, call the 24-hour toll free at 1-877-LAW-FULL  (1-877-529-3855)   

WARNING: Restaurant Bandits Strike Hollywood Blvd.

Restaurant and bar owners, recently there has been a rash of restaurant and bar robbery take downs.  The method used by suspects are, they come in two or three at a time.  They prefer restaurants with alleys to the rear.  They appear at closing time when employees are closing businesses and there are few customers in the restaurant. 

Suspects enter OPENED back doors. They come in armed, very calm ordering employees and customers to the kitchen.  One suspect is a lookout and the other suspect(s) orders everyone to remove jewelry, money, property and place on the table. Sometimes suspects go through victims personal pockets.  All suspects are wear ski masks.  Once suspects remove property they leave in a vehicle.

Approximately 15 robberies have taken place since March 2006 to August 2006.  And 49 restaurants in total, in the past two years.  The most recent occurred on the 4600 block of Hollywood Blvd.  Suspects prefer restaurants/bars that are local (attempting to avoid sophisticated surveillance equipment). No definite suspect information at this time. 


If you see, or know, this suspect who is a 5' 7", 160 pound, 50-55 year old, white male call LAPD Northeast Division Burglary detectives at 213-847-4266 or 911 and refer to DR#06.11.15515.

The suspect was spotted breaking into a residence near Vermont and Finley on May 27th about 10:30am. He rang the doorbell at a neighboring house, and after receiving no response, tried next door where he was spotted removing panes of a louvered window to gain entry. Realizing he had been spotted by the neighbor, the suspect began to run. The neighbor pursued the suspect in a car and managed to capture this photo with a cell phone camera. He may be a transient who frequents the Los Feliz area.


In the lottery scam the suspect(s) approach a victim walking alone or sitting on a bus bench. Then engage in a short conversation stating they have a winning lottery ticket, but cannot cash it in because of their immigration status.

They offer the victim a large share of the winnings if they will cash the ticket. To “prove” the ticket is valuable the suspect calls a phony number for the lottery so the victim can confirm the ticket is a winner. But the phone number is really just a confederate of the suspect reading off the numbers on the suspect’s ticket.

The suspect then asks the victim (often elderly) to go to their bank and withdraw amounts ranging from $3,000 - $5,000  to prove their good faith. At times the victims are willing to give up their life savings for the promise of a huge return. Police know of the scam working nine times in the last three months in our area. Of course, when the victims try to cash the “winning ticket” they find it and they are both losers.


Citizen Call Catches Halloween Tagger

Halloween evening, about 9:30 PM, an alert community member observed a tagger spray painting on numerous garages in the alley that parallels St. George St. just off Rowena. A radio call was generated and the tagger was followed as he continued to tag along Rowena heading toward Ivanhoe Elementary School. Officers responded and captured the 15 year old male subject whose hands were covered with paint. The officers photographed 16 locations that had been tagged. He admitted to each one.

He was cited and will soon be working off his community service hours with Officer Colenzo painting out graffiti. This subject appears to have been working the Marshall High School area for quite some time. He is now retired. Our continued thanks to community members that share in our frustration with this type of criminal activity and go the extra step by making that call.
Just thought Id let everyone know about this one,
SLO Al Polehonki

In the last week of October 2005 residents in the Franklin Hills reported twice spotting a group of up to four 16-20 year old male Latino taggers. On the second spotting they gave LAPD a car description: "an old, black VW beetle, license number 2VAZ115."  LAPD had received other reports of a similar vehicle spotted near tagging activity, now they have the license.
Non-Emergency Police Dispatch  877-ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273)
LAPD Northeast Division Front Desk   213-485-2563
Officer Colenzo - LAPD PACE unit     213-847-0511


The LAPD is asking for the public’s help in stopping a recent rash of residential burglaries in the Los Feliz and Franklin Hills areas.

Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan reports there have been a dozen burglaries in just the last two weeks, committed during daytime hours…between 7am and 5pm. Additional police reports indicate that in some cases the thieves shut off electric power and ransacked the homes.

The current description of the suspects is “two black males between the ages of 14 and 20.” They have been seen in a “green late model Toyota,” but the police don’t have a license plate number. That’s why Northeast detectives are seeking your help. If you have seen, or do see, such a vehicle and occupants you are asked to call the LAPD’s Northeast Division 213-485-2563 with a license number and any other information such as location and more descriptive details of the car’s occupants. As always, do not approach any possible suspects, or put yourself in any dangerous situation.
POSTED 8/23/05 6:50PM


1) Elderly Distraction Burglaries have been increasing lately. Senior Lead Officer Al Polehoni reports on February 22,2005, “a 90 year old female was approached at her residence by a female white in her mid 30`s that claimed to be looking for her lost cat. While the victim was distracted, a male in his mid to late 30`s entered her residence and began to ransack the bedroom. When the victim realized what was happening, she confronted the male suspect and a struggle ensued. The victim sustained a cut on her arm but was able to flee and obtain help at a neighbors residence. " Decoys also pretend to be utility workers or other service personnel.

“Witnesses describe the suspects’ vehicle as a white full size GMC pick up truck with an unknown California license plate. It also appears that the suspects may have actually prowled around the victims property before making contact with her. Although this crime occurred in another part of our division, the suspects / vehicle may be seen again. Should anyone see a similar vehicle and suspects loitering and or / prowling around please call 911. Anyone with license plate information on full size GMC pick up trucks that are white in color can contact:
 Det. Martha Ramos at (213)847-4270, Det. Escontrias at (213)485-2524 or
 SLO Al Polehonki at (213)793-0763.”
Take a look at the flyer the LAPD put out last fall with 3 suspects pictures and more details. 

2)  Senior women leaving banks and supermarkets (Albertsons most recently) have been the target of a robbery suspect described as a 6' tall, 300lb black man who follows victims on their way home and picks a secluded spot to attack. Crimes have occurred at midday. Suspect has been seen on Commonwealth Ave.

A  rash of Thefts from Motor Vehicles may have ended with the October 9th arrest of a white male/ female couple in a stolen Audi. They are believed responsible for our area's sharp increase in car break-ins, but they were helped by many of their victims who left valuables...purses, cell phones, cameras, etc...in plain view inside their cars. Checkout the LAPD flyer on how to reduce the chances of such a crime.

LAPD's Northeast Division also has some help on making your whole vehicle harder to steal. They have theft deterring clubs available to the public. For details click here for the LAPD flyer.

The suspect is still eluding capture after several attacks, many on area students heading to school.  Councilmember Tom LaBonge through the GGPNC has financed a surveillance camera on the Hyperion Avenue Bridge to help in the hunt. For the suspect's sketch and more details click here.

An FHRA member reports there were homes broken into the week of July 19, 2004, on Monday, Tuesday and Friday in the area around DeLongpre and Mayview. All the break-ins were during daylight hours and the suspect is described by one of the victims as being: “about 20, Latino, with a mustache and possibly a long ponytail. He wears a hooded sweatshirt in the warm PM, and is very bold. He will probably continue to hit our neighborhood until he's caught.”

It is also reported that he has stolen items such as CD’s a calculator, water from a refrigerator, but has passed up more valuable items in plain view. He has broken in by forcing open gates, breaking windows etc. The crimes have been reported to the LAPD.
If you actually see a potential crime in progress call 911.
If you have less urgent info call the LAPD’s Northeast station at 213-485-2563,
or our Senior Lead Officer, Al Polehonki at 213-793-0763

Keep your eyes and ears open and your gates, windows and doors securely closed and locked and we’ll all be safer. If you'd like to form or join a Neighborhood Watch group email: FHRA@FranklinHills.org
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