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 "Big Sunday" Cleanup - Saturday May 17, 2014
Thanks to the four dozen volunteers from several community organizations who turned out on a warm Saturday to spruce up their neighborhoods. In the Franklin Hills they clipped, swept and scrubbed their way down the Radio Walk stairway from Lyric to Claremont. Other teams cleaned their way from Los Feliz Blvd. down to Prospect along both Hillhurst and Vermont including the Vermont Triangle. For more photos of the event click here.

Hyperion Ave. Cleanup Day February 8, 2014

Thanks to the Franklin Hills neighbors ably aided by LAPD Capt. Jeff Bert, SLO Lenny Davis, and CD-4 area deputy Dan Halden all of whom heeded the call to spruce up Hyperion Ave. between Lyric and DeLonpre. 
After a lot of hard work it looked a lot better.

Plenty of work, congenial neighbors, and the early morning sun filtered by the Tyndall effect greeted the 2-3 dozen FHRA members and other volunteers who came out to cleanup the dried up ivy and other plants, trim and mulch the rose garden and prepare the slope beneath the Shakespeare Bridge at the end of Monon Street for future improvement.
Planned for 2014 are redoing the water supply and irrigation system and planting sticky plumbago, thorny blackberries and other plants to deter those who might want to loiter in the area.
click here or on the photo above to see more picture of the great gang of volunteers at work
Special thanks to FHRA's friends from the city government who are seen in many of the photos. From the LAPD, Northeast Division Captain Jeffrey Bert, perhaps the hardest worker, (red shirt) and our Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis (green shirt).  Councilmember Tom Labonge (blue shirt) and his deputy for our area Dan Halden (FHRA t-shirt) who provided much support and arranged for immediate trash pickup.
FHRA is also grateful for the mulch that LILA donated and to the several students and parents from LILA who joined ranks with local residents and other volunteers to get so much accomplished.

The FHRA celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Shakespeare Bridge garden on Nov. 17th. A bubbly water toast was made at the start of the program. Neighbors were joined by students, parents and staff from LILA and students read Shakespearean sonnets.
Retired city structural engineer Clark Robins talked about the art and architecture of the bridge and its arches. Local author and historian Donald Seligman recounted the history of the neighborhood surrounding Monon Street. Councilman Tom LaBonge partnered with FHRA to help organize the event. 
LaBonge presented the FHRA with a certificate and asked LILA students to read it to the audience. FHRA board member Shirley Mims chaired the event with other board members Chris Boutelle, Elizabeth Richardson (who took many photos, click here to see them), Tim Cowell and Charley Mims. About 70 people attended. It was a fun and interesting day in this peaceful spot under the Shakespeare Bridge.

Radio Walk Cleanup - March 2013
On the sunny warm morning of Sunday, March 2nd, stairway cleanup volunteers were greeted at the top of Radio Walk  by TV cameras from KABC Ch-7 and City Channel 35 along with Councilmember Tom LaBonge and stairway expert,  author Charles Fleming.
FHRA boardmember Elizabeth Richardson, broom in hand, was among about two dozen sweeping and clipping years of accumulated dirt, leaves and other stuff.  When it was time to take a break Councilmember Tom LaBonge was joined by Chief of Staff Carolyn Ramsey, FHRA President Chris Boutelle, Former FHRA boardmember Adam Weisman who began the adopt-a-stairway program, FHRA Chairman Charley Mims, and author Charles Fleming who signed copies of his book, Secret Stairs - A walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles.

By the time the crew of volunteers had made their way all the way down about 200 steps they had filled dozens of bags, painted out some grafitti and left Radio Walk from Franklin down to Deloz in spic-n-span condition where they were met by truck drive Tom LaBonge.


The Beginning
The End

A BIG THANKS to all the hard working volunteers from the LILA School and "Voluntears" from Disney's Prospect Studios who cleaned up Radio Walk from Hollyvista down to Deloz in May 2009. In three hours more than a dozen sweepers, scrapers, clippers and pruners filled more than 60 large plastic bags, leaving what had been a nearly impassable path a clean place for a pleasant stroll. Many Franklin Hills neighbors stopped to
offer thanks saying they had been avoiding the stairway because of its unkempt condition.

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