This WON'T be the new symbol for the Franklin Hills
A community unwillingly divided between two cities!

Thanks to the good sense of voters and the hard work of many in our neighborhood the final election on Hollywood Secession will keep our Franklin Hills community united.

"Hollywood" Area Voters Measure "H" 11/5/02
Secede = 31.5%
Stay in LA = 68.5

Los Angeles Voters Citywide Measure "H" 11/5/02
Secede = 28.65%
Stay in LA= 71.35%

The Election sentiment to keep LA United, about 70%, is not that far off from the percentage recorded in the FHRA's June e-mail poll.

FHRA Board Members Shirley and Charley Mims (center) along with neighborhood leaders Rosemary DeMonte, Los Feliz BID; Karen Gallock, Hollywood resident and activist; and Cheryl Johnson, LFIA (right) Join in the election night celebration as Hollywood Secession loses by more than 2-1.


The final FHRA poll resultsshow virtually unanimous support for not splitting the Franklin Hills as proposed by those promoting Hollywood Secession. Taking this poll was an important step, but real decision was up to LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) at their meeting on Wednesday June 5. And they decided on a 5 to 4 vote that they don't care about us. Leaving the boundaries of the proposed Hollywood City as shown on this map.
The FHRA's poll among Franklin Hills Residents was on the crucial issue of Hollywood Secession. The current boundaries proposed by the backers of a new City of Hollywood would divide the Franklin Hills Neighborhood as shown on this map of the Franklin Hills.

On 5/29/02 at 9:30pm the e-mail poll was sent to 180 e-mail addresses in the Franklin Hills representing an estimated 270 residents. In less than 24 hours we had received responses from 21% of the recipients, and responses continued to pour in until the final count at 6pm on June 6th. Many Franklin Hills residents were so upset at the proposed boundary that they circulated petitions among their neighbors to impress upon LAFCO their desire to remain a united, not divided, community. Nearly 200 signatures were collected.

As shown of the map, the boundaries for the proposed new city are currently drawn through the center of the Franklin Hills. Roughly, the area west of Sanborn and Deloz between Franklin and Fountain would be part of the new city, while the Franklin Hills area to the east would remain part of LA.

More precisely, starting at Fountain Ave. the line would run north along Sanborn Ave. to Clayton Ave. It would then follow Clayton until it meets Deloz Ave. and follow Deloz north until it merges with Hollyvista Ave. and then continue north until the intersection with Franklin Ave.. The Boundary would then run along Franklin, across the Shakespeare Bridge, past the median and continue to the west.

The FHRA poll asked residents these three questions

1) Do you think the Franklin Hills should be divided between two cities?

2) Would you prefer to remain in LA, or be part of  Hollywood if secession is approved?

3) Do you favor Hollywood secession?


Question 1  Divide Franklin Hills   YES  0    NO  120 (98%)UNSURE  2

Question 2  FavorLA   89 (73%)  FavorHOLLYWOOD   20   UNSURE  12

Question 3  Favor Secession     YES   13     NO   88 (74%)      UNSURE  17


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